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Hello my name is Lucille,

I am an illustrator who specialized in helping pioneers in the medical and scientific community translate their ideas into concise and compelling visual communications that educate, build credibility and trust, and attract funding. Let me tell how it all started ...


During my childhood years, I had three defining interests that stayed with me throughout my life and created the career I have today.

1.  Creating Pictures: I always loved draw and paint pictures to existing stories. Imagining how written or spoken words would look like if they were translated into pictures got me excited and it still does to this day.

2. Technology: My father introduced me to a computer at pretty early age. I learned to work with them through creative and child-friendly games. To this day I am quite tech savvy and stayed interested in digital art, animation and the possibilities today's evolving technologies have to offer.

3. Nature & Animals: I always had pets around me whilst I grew up and to this day absolutely love to care for my pets and spend time horseback riding in the woods.

Whilst I was finishing a four-year professional education in desktop publishing (also known as a technical graphic designer) I felt like something was missing. Although it did involve working with computers in a creative way, I missed drawing and painting a lot. So took an extracurricular drawing class once a week during the whole 4 years. My drawing teacher noticed that I especially enjoyed drawing and painting highly realistic subjects such as plants, bones and other objects nature provided. He recommended bachelors in a design program at the Zurich University of the Arts, that specialized in Scientific illustration, to me. As I did my research on the program, I was thrilled, I knew it was the right thing for me. I did have to practice quite a lot though and the application process wasn't easy at all. But I finally made it and it really was a wonderful time. During my BA degree medical illustration especially appealed to me. Apart from loving the aesthetics, traditional medical illustrations have I also realized the potential that medical illustration had when it came to gaining awareness and educating.

Shortly before we had to decide on a final project topic for our bachelor's degree I learned about axolotl. The always happy looking newt, that is now critically endangered, possibly extinct in the wild, had an extraordinary ability to regenerate fully functioning parts of its body. After a lot of research, I got in touch with the Ambystoma Mexicanum Bioregeneration Center in Hannover, where they are trying to find a way to incorporate the axolotl's regeneration abilities for reconstruction medicine. I decided to create an animation about axolotl and their abilities, whilst showing the newest research results. During the creation of this project in 2012, I really wanted real living pet axolotl. Since then I own a huge aquarium with several axolotls and even got to breed young ones.


Currently, I work part-time self-employed as an illustrator and part-time employed. Among other things, I'm employed as a product designer and illustrator for a plastic surgeon. I illustrate different simulated surgical results. The patient then is able to choose their desired outcome. I then go ahead and create custom implants. These are a perfect fit for the patient's individual body. With this method, extremely natural results can be achieved. Often we also create these types of implants for breast cancer survivors, who want a natural looking reconstruction due to a mastectomy.


With each new assignment, I learn a lot of new things in a very specific area and I love this. It always boggles me how much extremely interesting stuff there is to learn. This always reminds me to stay curious and attentive in every part of life.

If you have a discovery, research, or product you’re ready to launch into the world, I’d love to help you craft your visual story. Please click here to answer a few questions, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

I am a Professional (Active) Member of Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques. 

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