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My favourite tools

Today I'm showing you my favourite tools whilst working as an illustrator.

1. My skeleton model 💀

I got this guy at the thrift shop several years ago. He's a really useful asset when I need any kind of reference regarding the human skeleton. I love that you can remove the head, open and close his mouth and even open up the top half of the skull. 2. Coffee (and tea) ☕️ I love coffee, specially cappuccinos with some chocolate powder sprinkled on top. Being partly from England I'm also pretty happy with a nice cup of tea. Green Tea is my favourite.

3. My Wacom Cintique Mobile 🖊

This device makes painting digitally so much more intuitive compared to a regular tablet. Painting directly on to the screen, with this amount of pressure sensitivity is just amazing. The fact that you can carry it around with you, use it on the train or outside without any cables makes it even more fun.

4. Through the years I have accumulated a big collection of brushes and textures 🖌 I love to experiment with them and try new stuff. On the regular I stick to only 2-3 go-to brushes.

5. My favourite Apps and Software 💻✨. I should make a separate post about all of them but for now my most used software is Adobe Photoshop and Maxon Cinema 4D and the most used apps are Evernote for notes and Google Keep to manage tasks

6.Highlighters: I love to highlight stuff, specially with my pastel highlighters. They remind me of some sort of candy, maybe Marshmallows 😋🍬 7. I am obsessed with podcasts and Spotify 🎙 There's nothing better in my opinion than painting and creating whilst listening either to a inspirational podcast, a scary true crime podcast or some good music.

8. This is my favourite notepad when I need to come up with new ideas 📒. It's filled with 10 different sheets, that all have a different layout for creating brilliant ideas.

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