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New Illustrations: Cardiac Surgery

A few weeks ago I created a series of illustrations on the topic of Cardiac Surgery for the Cardiocentro Ticino. I illustrated several approaches for surgeons to gain access to the heart as well as different repair techniques of the mitral valve.

The mini upper sternotomy

With this technique, the lower ¾ or half of the breastbone remains intact and stable after the operation, which translates in less postoperative pain, safer movements and very low risk of wound infections

The right-sided mini-thoracotomy

This is an approach to reach the mitral valve for patients with degenerative mitral regurgitation.

The median sternotomy

The most common approach for surgeons to access the heart is the median sternotomy. It's performed through the longitudinal division of the breastbone.

The mini-thoracotomy

There a patients, where surgery can be performed through a minimally invasive technique, through a small incision at the left lateral chest wall

Illustration showing repair techniques of the mitral valve

There is a wide array of repair techniques for patients with a degenerative mitral regurgitation; artificial chords, various tissue resection techniques, edge-to-edge fixation and the valve ring.

1. Mitral valve repair: triangular and butterfly resection, annuloplasty.

2. Mitral valve repair: implantation of artificial chords to both leaflets (Goretex), annuloplasty.

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