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How the use of scientifc and medical Illustrations will set you apart

Aktualisiert: 14. Nov. 2019

Medical Illustration


If you can let your audience not only see and understand your message but also feel real emotions you have achieved very valuable connection with them. You can achieve this by using images that trigger memories, associations and that tell a story. Something that’s nearly impossible with generic stock



In a world, where attention is a limited, it’s vital to get your message out there while people are still listening. Visuals, especially animations are the most effective way to get people’s attention. By adding informational illustrations to an interesting article it’s a lot more likely to be read and hence to be shared.


If you try to remember something right now, a picture will come to your mind. Even if it is a passage from your favorite book or poem, you cannot but help make it into an image. Not only do we remember visually, we remember visuals far better than words. So let your viewers remember you and your message through making a big impression by using illustrations that stand out as unique and out-of-the-ordinary and that also tell a story.


Let your audience see how your how your product or service is going to work and how it is going to benefit them. Show them how it’s used, how it works and also add a before and after image. This builds trust, raises interest and maybe even adds an excitement factor.


We’ve all heard the proverb “judgeing a book by its cover,” The saying, of course, applies to much more than just books. This does not mean that there is a need for meaningless decoration but more so, using high-quality illustrations that represent your paper, presentation, product, campaign or website in an adequate way is significant. You never get a

second chance for a first impression.

Wissenschaftliche und medizinische Illustration

Do you need some custom Visuals?

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