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The safe Birth– Do we need Midwifes?

An Independent documentary film about the safety of physiolocial birth

„The Safe Birth – Do we need Midwives?“ is a documentary about what makes birth safer and healthier. It shows the impact of routine medical interventions on the mother-child bond and why the caesarean section isn't a healthy alternative to vaginal birth. In addition this documentary raises awareness about the consequences and how they affect national economies in the long term. The film shares the opinions of experts regarding the benefits of the one-on-one personal attention of a midwife throughout the pregnancy and the birth.

Directing and Producing:

Carola Hauck, Munich


The client wanted explanatory and compelling visuals to support the message of her documentary film. Photos were not an option because the pelvis and the child had to be shown isolated.




I created a series of illustrations showing different positions of the pelvis and the child in different stages of birth. This enables the filmmaker to visually explain the statements of this movie in a compelling and aesthetically pleasing way.

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