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Design Options

In the realm of medical illustration, the choice of design can make a significant difference in the way information is communicated. Different designs cater to varied educational needs, target audiences, and aesthetic preferences. Here are some of the design options I offer:



In an effort to elucidate the intricacies of the human body, sometimes a closer look is needed. In such cases, I offer my expertise in creating highly detailed close-ups of specific areas or structures.



To truly understand the body or an organ's complex structure, an internal view can be profoundly insightful. For this, my cross-section illustrations serve the purpose admirably.


See-through Anatomy

The human body is a complex structure with many parts hidden beneath the surface. To give you a peek into these concealed areas, I offer see-through anatomy illustrations.


Selective Highlighting 

The beauty of medical illustration lies in its ability to guide the viewer's focus. With my skill in selective highlighting or fading, I can draw attention to or away from certain areas in the illustration.

Styles Available

When considering medical illustrations, the style choice is not just a matter of taste but also an important factor in effectively communicating specific medical details. Different styles may suit different educational or communication goals. It's worth noting that these stylistic preferences can also have an impact on the overall cost of the project.

Zeichenfläche 4 Kopie 2.png

Full Color

My vibrant, multi-toned illustrations are crafted with precision and depth. The use of full color allows for distinct differentiation between structures, making complex anatomy easily comprehensible. This style can bring your medical texts or presentations to life with its rich detail and accuracy.


Black and White

Opt for classic and powerful black and white illustrations for a timeless aesthetic. A monochrome palette can also evoke a sense of sophistication and clarity. This option is less time-consuming, thus providing excellent value for money while maintaining high-quality representation.

Detailed Sketch

For a traditional and tactile aesthetic, consider my hand-drawn black and white pencil illustrations. These pieces demonstrate meticulous attention to detail and provide a stark, clear depiction of the subject matter. This is the most cost-effective option, bringing together quality and affordability.

I look forward to new collaborations and challenges, and welcome art directors, healthcare professionals, and organizations to contact me. Let's explore how my medical illustrations can assist in your work, turning complex medical concepts into comprehensible visuals. Thank you for considering my services.

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