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My Specialities

As you can see from my portfolio, I have extensive experience creating medical illustrations in a wide range of fields. However, I have specialized knowledge and expertise in the following areas, gained through years of working with numerous surgeons and experts in these fields. My specialties include neurosurgery and pediatric neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and traumatology, as well as cardiac surgery and cardiology. 

If you are looking for a medical illustrator with specialized expertise in any of these fields, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am passionate about creating medical illustrations that help educate and inform people about important medical concepts, and I look forward to working with you.

Orthopedic Surgery & Traumatology

Detailed medical illustrations to explaining complex orthopedic treatments and surgeries.

Cardiovascular Illustrations

Explore a series of Illustrations on various artery illnesses and therapy offerings

Neurosurgery & Pediatric Neurosurgery 

View a collection of illustrations depicting various neurosurgery approaches as well as pediatric neurosurgery treatments

Non-Medical Project Highlight

Limited-Edition Stamp Collection for the Swiss Post


The Swiss Post approached me with an exciting opportunity to design and illustrate a Stamp Collection that would showcase four local animals - the fox, the mole, the mouse, and the eremite. As a medical illustrator, I have always been passionate about creating realistic and informative illustrations that capture the essence of the human body. However, I also have an immense love for animals and I was thrilled to take up this project.

I was delighted to learn that my designs had been selected to be featured in a limited edition Stamp Collection. This was a proud moment for me as an illustrator, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to share my artwork with a broader audience through the Swiss Post. This limited edition stamp collection is already sold out by now.

If you are interested in hiring me for your animal or nature-related project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I would love to hear more about your ideas and discuss how I can bring them to life through my illustrations. Let's work together to create something beautiful and inspiring!


The Process

Delve into the detailed, step-by-step process of what creating a medical illustration from initial concept to final rendering looks like.

Further Design Services

I'm your one-stop designer if you need any further services like webdesign or printed goods for your clinic or project.

Styles & Design Options 

Depending on your needs and budget I offer different styles and additional design optionn - such as Cross-Sections and Zoom-Ins showing important details within an illustration.


Hello my name is Lucille,

I'm an illustrator specialised in helping pioneers in the medical and scientific community create visuals that not only educate and build credibility but are also aesthetically pleasing, simplifying complex topics into visually engaging narratives.

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