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You have something important to communicate, a new drug, device, procedure, or research—and you need a unique image or animation with which to educate and promote your discovery. Visualising science and medicine is my business! I have the medical and scientific knowledge to grasp complex scientific information, parse it down, and transmit the essence in a succinct visual message that is accurate, educational, and beautiful.

Some of the Services I offer:

  • Anatomical Illustration

  • Surgical Illustration

  • Forensic Illustration

  • Reconstructions

  • Educational Illustrations 

  • Instructional Illustrations

  • Patient-Education

  • Editorial Illustration

  • Packing Design

  • Posters & Presentations

  • Zoological Illustrations

  • Botanical Illustrations

  • 2D Animations

  • 3D Animations

  • Construction of 3D Models

Inform & Educate


You can achieve the most efficient education of your audience is with images and visuals. Gain awareness for your cause!

Your Product


Build trust and credibility through professional visuals by showing your audience how your product works and benefits them.

Get Funding


Present your research ideas in a visually compelling way and convince your backers to invest your idea!

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