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The process

From a Sketch to the finished Illustration

My process begins with a detailed black and white sketch, capturing the anatomical nuances and key steps of the surgery. Through collaborative refinement rounds, we create an informative, visually compelling illustration. Once the sketch is approved, we proceed to the color and depth phase, incorporating a client-aligned palette and fine-tuning textures and colors to boost visual impact.

Throughout this process, client collaboration is critical to surpass expectations. We combine artistic expertise and client insights to produce surgery illustrations aiding in education, patient understanding, and medical documentation. Collaboration with the client is vital throughout the process to exceed expectations. Merging artistic expertise with valuable insights, we create illustrations that serve as powerful educational tools, aiding patient understanding, medical documentation, and professional presentations. From initial sketch to finished illustration, my goal is to deliver captivating, accurate visuals tailored to the specific procedures.


On the left: Example of client feedback on a draft On the right: The final illustration

Contact me with your Project

To start, you can reach out to me via the contact form on my website or directly through email. In your message, please include the essentials:

  • What you'd like to have illustrated

  • Number of illustrations needed

  • Whether the illustrations should depict a step-by-step process (e.g., surgical procedures)

  • Preferred size (A5 or A4 are standard)

  • Desired file formats (e.g., JPG, TIFF)

  • Deadline for the project

  • Intended usage of the illustration (e.g., paper, website, book publication)

  • Style preference

  • Specific budget for the project, if any

A Quote for your Project

Once I have all your requirements, I'll provide you with a free, custom quote. If everything looks good to you, you'll be asked to sign an online terms sheet, and then we can officially kick off your project.

pencil sketch

At this stage, you'll supply me with any relevant information, images, and details needed for the illustration. You will then receive a preliminary pencil sketch via Email for your review. If needed, you can consult with your medical experts to ensure accuracy. I include two rounds of adjustments at this stage to make sure we're aligned.

full-color illustration

After the sketch is approved, I will proceed to create a full-color illustration. From this point forward, I will work entirely digitally using a Wacom board, similar to the one depicted. Based on your feedback via email, I will refine and finalize the work. Two rounds of non-structural adjustments, such as color or texture tweaks, are included. Should additional rounds or significant changes be needed, these will be billed at my hourly rate. Of course, I will always inform you beforehand about any additional work that has not been approved.


The final Files

Finally, your illustration will be polished, finalized, and delivered to you in your specified digital file formats through e-mail.


I'm looking forward to working with you on your next medical illustration project!

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