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My Process


Working with a medical illustrator and purchasing illustrations, animations, or multimedia may be a new experience for you. The collaborative process that takes place between you, the client and me, the illustrator reflects a unique synergy where science and art truly meet.


Shoot me a message and start the conversation.

You can contact me via E-Mail or my contact form.

After our first contact you'll fill out a detailed online briefing questionnaire. Based upon this brief I'll a create a custom proposal for you.

When we're in agreement about all the details you'll sign a online terms sheet and we'll get started.

Brief, Proposal
and Terms

You will provide me with all the information, images and details that are relevant for the project.

Research & Reference

You'll receive a storyboard and are asked to review it together with your medical expert to assure medical accuracy.

Pencil Sketches

You'll receive pencil sketches and color swatches and are asked to review them together with your medical expert to assure medical  accuracy.

Full Color

The illustration is created with the full color palette and based upon your feedback, the illustration will be refined and finished.

Rough Animation

Presentation of first round of animation.This animation will not yet be textured and detailed but color swatches will be proposed. It should show the storyboard in action and determine if the timing and the flow meets your requirements. 

If the animation requires sound or a voice-over, we'll add it to this rough version to ensure  it works out with the timing.

Colored Animation

Based upon your feedback the animation is refined. Presentation of the second round of a colored, but rough rendering of the animation.
Screenshots of fully rendered textured scenes will also be delivered.

Finished Illustration

The illustration is finalized and delivered to you in the desired digital file formats.

Finished Animation

Based upon your final feedback, the animation is refined. Presentation of a third round of animation.This animation will be textured and lit. After the approval the final files are delivered.

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