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I illustrated four limited edition stamps for the Swiss Post ...

Illustrated Stamps

How can I help you?

You have something important to communicate, a new drug, device, procedure, or research—and you need a unique image or animation with which to educate and promote your discovery. Visualising science and medicine is my business! I have the medical and scientific knowledge to grasp complex scientific information, parse it down, and transmit the essence in a succinct visual message that is accurate, educational, and beautiful.

Medizinische Illustration Books
Inform & Educate


You can achieve the most efficient education of your audience with images and visuals. Gain awareness for your cause!

Medizinische Illustration Products
Your Product


Build trust and credibility through professional visuals by showing your audience how your product works and benefits them.

Medizinische Illustration Funding
Get Funding


Present your research ideas in a visually compelling way and convince your backers to invest your idea!


I am an illustrator who is specialized in helping pioneers in the medical and scientific community translate their ideas into concise and compelling visual communications that educate, build credibility and trust, and attract funding.


With a natural ability to understand and translate complex materials into clear, yet beautiful illustrations, I bring a fresh perspective to each project, capturing the details without getting caught up in them.


What separates me from other scientific illustrators is my life-long interest in nature, conservancy and the evolution and extinction of things, always leading me towards those on the forefront of scientific and medical breakthroughs.

If you have a discovery, research, or product you’re ready to launch into the world, I’d love to help you craft your visual story. 



Working with a medical illustrator and purchasing illustrations, animations, or multimedia may be a new experience for you. The collaborative process that takes place between you, the client and me, the illustrator reflects a unique synergy where science and art truly meet.

Medizinische Illustration Medical illustration pregnancy
Medizinische Illustration Colors in medical illustration
Medizinische Illustration

We are very glad Lucille was recommended to us. She has implemented our wishes impeccably and reliably, and with her friendly, uncomplicated way she has ensured a very pleasant and successful cooperation.

Medizinische Illustration craniotomy
Wissenschaftliche Illustration Botanik
Medizinische Illustration nagelpilz medical illustration
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