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for (aspiring) illustrators

From the very beginning of my career, I had many mentors, who I could ask for help, who gave feedback and who at times held be accountable. I'm very grateful to have found these people who propelled me forward, gave valuable advice and cheered me on. I'd love to be this mentor for you and see you succeed with your creative endeavors. 

I offer skype calls where we either can speak about a few specific topics you'd like my input on or we can delve into a more extensive mentoring relationship (depending on availability waiting times may occur) over 3 months with bi-weekly calls. With recurring calls, like these, I can keep you accountable and give feedback on the work you are creating.

Building Your Career as an Illustrator 
  • Finding your style - what makes you different

  • Finding your medium - working smarter

  • Working on portfolio pieces

  • Getting a portfolio/website together

  • Building an Online presence

  • Self-Promotion

  • What to expect when jobs come in

Beeing your Accountability Partner & Cheerleader
  • Finishing your creative Projects

  • Keep you accountable and focused

  • Define clear & achievable goals and deadlines

  • Be more confident in your work

Hi I'm Lucille,

I'm a scientific and medical illustrator with a background in graphic design/desktop publishing. I have been working as a freelance illustrator as well as also working for agencies, in-house and being a designer for a plastic surgeon. I've got a wide array of experience of both sides, freelance as well as being an employed designer and illustrator. If you are struggling to find your path, thinking about starting your illustration career and getting clients, I'd love to help you.

If you have a discovery, research, or product you’re ready to launch into the world, I’d love to help you craft your visual story. Please click here and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Some of my illustration work. 



You get:

  • 1 Call (45 minutes )

  • A follow-up E-Mail

If you'd like to:

- get help on one specific topic

- get Portfolio feedback

- get Website Feedback


Price: $90


You get:

  • 3 Calls (45 minutes each)​

  • E-Mail access between sessions

  • Action steps & accountability 

If you'd like to:

- tackle a smaller goal

- work on one area

- get clear on your next steps

Price: $246‬


You get:

  • 6 Calls (45 minutes each)

  • E-Mail access between sessions

  • Action steps & accountability 

If you'd like to:

- set up your illustration business

- work on a larger goal 

- or several smaller goals

Price: $480




Do you offer free calls?

I don't offer free consultations at this time.

How do you know if I'm the right fit?

Read my blog, visit my illustration website, stalk my Instagram, and ask me questions via Email.

If my coaching packages, regarding the topics discussed, don't apply to your specific situation or you're just not sure which one is the best fit, let me know with what you might need some support and I'll get back to you shortly.

How does it work? 

Here's how to secure a spot on my calendar:

  1. Click the “Book now” button to be directed to my calendar to schedule a call.

  2. After you booked your call, you'll fill out the pre-call questionnaire.

  3. Then, we’ll have our session on the schuedueld date :)

How do the calls work?

We meet via Google Meet or Skype on a day and time that suits us both. We can do a video call or just an audio call, either works.

On our first call we'll be talking about what you disclosed to me in the pre-call questionaire. If you picked a longer package (multiple calls) you're either going to get an assignment, a prompt or an exercise and we will discuss how it went in the next time. We'll be talking about goals, which steps to take, I might be presenting you with resources like books, software or apps which would benefit your situation. Of course, there will always be a place for you to discuss any issues you may be facing and you'll also get to ask me any questions you have.


My preferred industry isn't illustration, can we still work together?

Most likely, yes! Many concepts can be applied to various creative industries and in some ways, it can even be beneficial to have someone outside of your industry be your mentor. Someone who may well be able to see outside of the box. If you're unsure, just ask!


If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them asp :)

Thanks for submitting!  

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