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Learn to draw cute bunnies!

With the easy step-by-step instructions, everyone can learn to draw realistic and cute rabbits of all shapes and sizes.

The animal kingdom offers a variety of drawing motifs, shapes and colors. The spectrum of animal species opens up to a seemingly almost endless, universe waiting for you to draw. So let’s start with rabbits. Why rabbits, you might ask … Well, I myself am the owner of rabbits and I enjoy their amusing peculiarities and their versatile body language. I quickly realized that they are a fun, quirky, extremely cute and also surprisingly easy drawing subject.

How to get get the proportions right for drawing different kinds of bunnies

How to draw all the distinctive rabbit features, the eyes, the ears, the wiggly nose and he fluffy tail.

How to use simple shading and erasing techniques to achieve fluffy looking fur.

As a cool bonus, you're also getting 5 colouring pages, of course also bunny-themed.

Get your free FREE colouring page from the book.

Please send me the free colouring page and keep me updated on any further drawing & coloring books!

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